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Gili Levant - President/CEO

Who are we?

Flawless Laser & Body Sculpting is your first step to a younger looking, healthier you! Located in Calgary, Alberta, we provide laser facials and skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, laser body sculpting and slimming, tattoo removal and other laser aesthetic treatments.

What do we do?

One size does not fit all when it comes to laser anti-aging and body sculpting treatments. In a free consultation we will personalize and customize your treatment schedule according to your unique skin type, medical history and personal needs. We provide the highest quality laser face lifts, body sculpting and laser hair removal treatments available in Calgary. We do not need Botox or other injectables to remove wrinkles and tighten skin. Our technicians are certified and exceptionally trained in the latest laser treatment technology and patient safety.

What makes us different?

The laser skin care industry contains a broad spectrum of treatment types, ranging from medical grade skin care procedures to laser hair removal. We’ve been in this industry a long time, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve seen many people who have paid hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for treatments that didn’t work. Our goal is to give you a better experience.

Our mission is to provide you with safe, effective, and personalized laser skin care.

Whether its an anti-aging laser treatment for skin tightening on your face and neck, laser hair removal, or getting rid of that last stubborn bit of body fat with a laser body sculpting treatment, at Flawless Laser & Body Sculpting we have the right treatment, and most importantly the right expertise to fit your needs.

What are people saying about us?

I received a very thorough skin consult and treatment from both Jitka and Sarah. I was also able to book to get in quickly. Thank you for the excellent service you provided. I would highly recommend treatments here! - Jamie T

I cannot thank Gili and all the girls enough for how much they helped my face. This place is a gold mine. I have been struggling with acne for over 15 years now and Calgary's dry weather was no help. They were so accommodating and give you all your options for a relatively affordable treatment plan for whatever your goal is. Gili almost literally held my hand through the whole process of revitalizing my skin before my wedding. She really knows and understands skin, so every part of my regimen was perfectly tailored. She was like a skin mind reader! For the first time in YEARS I got compliments on my skin; I couldn't believe it. And all the girls here are so nice and so welcoming. Thank you! - Maliha M

Flawless Laser is unbeatable. Their methodology is completely different from other places and they are honest. They look at your face in it's entirety and treat all of the issues with each laser facial. Other places will charge you to fix or work on each issue. They really do want you flawless when you leave. I'm happy to give them my money! - Sandy B

I highly recommend Gili and Jitka. They are very knowledgeable and talented. My face looks so refreshed and even more symmetrical! - J H

Gili and the gang are amazing. I have been going there for 2 years and I always leave feeling like I have received the very best of treatment.  They are very knowledgeable & professional and the atmosphere is always friendly.  I highly recommend them to my friends and clients. Thanks Gili and Jitika - Leslie C

Great facility! Very comfortable, and welcoming. I have been frequenting Flawless Laser for some time and have had amazing results. Thank you! Highly recommended! - Amanda W

Flawless far exceeds the experiences I have had at other laser salons in Calgary. Gili is a perfectionist, and will spend all the time she needs to get everything done, well, perfectly. I couldn't be happier with my results, and whenever anyone asks why my skin is so amazing I give them a link to the Flawless web site. - W M

I will always go back to Flawless for any skincare treatment. Gili and Jitka are true professionals who are perfectionists - in a good way! I have had lifting and IPL and blue laser and I have had great results. The facility is clean and warm. - J G

I have been going to see the amazing girls at Flawless for some laser hair removal and, more recently, some body sculpting. I have to say they are wonderful; they are very caring and attentive to my needs and desires as a customer, and have the latest in technology and equipment to ensure the best results possible. I remember getting laser hair removal done at another spa in Calgary and the machine there was slow and quite painful, comparatively speaking.
Thanks to Jitka and Gili for all of their awesome work in creating a smoother and more rejuvenated me!!! I have recommended them to friends who have had similar great experiences and would recommend them to anybody who asks. - T C

The pictures are great but the feeling of delight after a treatment cannot be captured in a picture. One has to experience it. Thanks Gili for your professional yet loving attention! - S C

With customized packages and a variety of services, come let our experts help you take your first step towards flawless skin and a flawless body! Contact us for a free consult today!

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