How laser treatments can tighten and lift saggy neck skin

People are amazed at the difference they see from our skin tightening neck treatments. We reduce double chins, eliminate jowls, and tighten saggy skin, all at the same time!

I often get asked if a person will see results in just one treatment. I am so confident that the answer is yes, that I will prove it to you with this fun little trick.

What I like to do is to firm and lift half of your neck, then I have you look in the mirror.

Imagine your surprise when one half of your neck is visibly slimmer and tighter than the other half!

The results are obvious, immediate and they are fantastic!

The first thing out of most clients mouths is, “Wow!”

The second thing out of their mouths is, “What about the other side?”

Of course, when they are done looking I will finish tightening up the other half of their neck ;).

All of this is done without injectables or invasive surgeries.

Last I checked, a neck lift from a plastic surgeon will cost many thousands of dollars. Not to mention we’re talking about surgery!

Certainly not an easy route to choose.

On top of that, our laser treatments have no physical recovery time or downtime.

Injectable fillers for the neck are still not ideal as they work by increasing volume in order to smooth out wrinkles. The neck is an area that most people are not looking to increase in volume. In fact, decreasing volume in a double-chin is often desired.

We use state-of-the-art laser technologies such as radio-frequency and other tightening and smoothing technologies at a price you can afford.

Let us assess your skin in a free consultation so that you can find out what everyone is raving about!

If you’d like to learn more about what Flawless Laser & Body Sculpting is all about and our philosophy regarding rejuvenating your skin, check out my video introduction here:

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Having worked in the laser skin care industry since 2003, I've seen too many clinics using untrained staff or outdated laser technology and I know the dangers these scenarios pose to clients. I founded Flawless Laser & Body Sculpting, in Calgary, Alberta, in 2012 in order to focus on safe and effective anti-aging, fat melting and laser hair removal treatments.

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