Why are celebrities getting Carbon Laser Facials?

What have celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian been doing to keep their skin ready for the red carpet? They were quick to take advantage of the Carbon Laser Facial, a treatment who’s popularity has recently skyrocketed as the public has become more aware of it.

Carbon Laser Facials have actually been around for a long time. We’ve been doing them at Flawless Laser in Calgary since 2012, and I have always loved them for many reasons.

The great thing about Carbon Laser Facials is that they can treat so many different skin conditions in a single treatment. They are wonderful for acne and rosacea, dark circles and evening out skin tone, as well as plumping and wrinkle reduction. They leave your pores looking great and give your skin that smooth porcelain finish.

Below is a short video I made where I actually show you a Carbon Laser Facial in action. More and more of my clients are taking advantage of this amazing treatment, and the results are instant with zero down-time!

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Having worked in the laser skin care industry since 2003, I've seen too many clinics using untrained staff or outdated laser technology and I know the dangers these scenarios pose to clients. I founded Flawless Laser & Body Sculpting, in Calgary, Alberta, in 2012 in order to focus on safe and effective anti-aging, fat melting and laser hair removal treatments.

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