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Laser Body Sculpting

laser body sculpting

Need to tighten up a certain area before your vacation on the beach? Need some added definition to perfect your healthy physique? Laser body treatments and fat melting are some of our most popular treatments because they work! Let us handle those love handles for you, or get that bum ready for a bikini. Your body will be looking Flawless in no time!

While we prefer to customize our services to our clients, some body treatment examples are listed here

Laser Body Sculpting Treatment Options

  • Fat melting & cellulite reduction
  • Stretch mark & scar reduction
  • Skin tightening & plumping
  • Body defining & toning
  • Wart removal and cold sore treatment
  • Tattoo removal

Micro-current Treatments

reduced love handles

Micro-current treatment for face and body has been one of our most popular options for anti-aging, breast enhancement and weight loss treatments. Treatment effects include the reduction of wrinkles, fat loss, a better complexion and improvements in the appearance of stretch marks and scar tissue. Micro-current therapy is also the only method of treatment that can be safely used to plump and lift breast tissue. 

How does Micro-current technology work?

Tiny micro-currents of electricity are used to stimulate facial or other muscles in the body. The muscles are gently exercised, leading to an increase in the production of protein. This tightens and firms up the muscles, reduces slackness and restores a firmer shape and tone to the face or area treated.

How Does Fat Melting Work?